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Shipping to Malaysia? Find out about Customs Foibles for Shipping by Sea


Ship to Malaysia

Positioned in Southeast Asia, Malaysia hosts a population of more than 28 million, in accordance with World Bank data. The nation's capital is Kl and Malaysian's govt is found Putrajaya. Malaysia houses a number of shipping ports, including the Labuan Port, the Rajang Port, the Sandakan Port along with the Kota Kinabalu Port.

If you need cargo shipping services to Malaysia, there are a number of required documents you should prefer to have including:

 Visa (either way employment and residence in Malaysia)
 Letter from your employer in Malaysia stating the actual basis for import, job function and approximate amount of stay
 Letter of Authorization to Destination Agent, signed by customer, on your shipment being cleared

Additionally, additionally, you will must have eight signed copies of Customs Form No. 1.
The inventory essential for your shipment to Malaysia should correspond exactly on the contents of your shipment. Please produce a separate list of the electrical items, appliances and new items which you happen to be shipping. You need to clearly list the emblem, model, country of origin, voltage and expense of the items within your cargo shipment.

When your cargo goes thru customs clearance in Malaysia, you should intend to be present as there are some required documents you simply must sign.
Additionally it is worth noting that most cargo shipments entering Malaysia are be subject to a customs examination in the country.

If you're interested in shipping duty free to Malaysia, accomplished so long as you have owned those things for at least 3 months if you may not eliminate them for at least half a year after arrival in Malaysia.

To be eligible for a duty free shipping to Malaysia, you need to be also the foreigner having a visa in Malaysia or even a citizen of Malaysia who has lived overseas for around 12 prior consecutive months.

Shipping to Malaysia - Items which are Be subject to Duty Fees, Restrictions and Taxes

Should you be shipping cargo to Malaysia, certain backpacks are be subject to duty fees, taxes and/or special import permits. As an example, all electrical items shipped to Malaysia must be accompanied by an Import Permit.

Moreover, if any of your respective merchandise is less than few months old, you will end up supposed to pay certain duty taxes and fees. Be sure you hold the original invoices together with the value of your items.

When shipping to Malaysia, some products are restricted. As an example, restricted items are the following:

 Video cassettes and films are subject to review with the Film Censorship Board in Malaysia
 Precious metal objects
 Any plants that you simply shipped to Malaysia demand a Phytosanitary Certificate and approval from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture.
 Alcohol and cigarettes are subject to high import fees

You can ship your personal computer to Malaysia, tax free, but you are tied to only three imported computers per family. Moreover, you are unable to sell any computers that you shipped to Malaysia duty free for at least one year following import towards the country. Please be aware, computers also require an import license.

You must use a special permit as a way to ship telephones and fax equipment to Malaysia.

Prohibited Items when Shipping to Malaysia

Should you be shipping cargo to Malaysia, a number of items which you are not able to import to the country. The following merchandise is not allowed for shipment to Malaysia:

 Firearms, dangerous weapons, fireworks, explosives, ammunition and knives
 Narcotics and medicines (violators could possibly be be subject to Death Penalty)
 Food items
 Pornographic or politically sensitive material (in the form of books, videos, films)
 Gold bullion
 Satellite dish
 Short wave radios
 Vehicles older than Several years (see below)

Any literature on communism is prohibited from shipment to Malaysia
In addition, about to catch in a position to ship items from Israel to Malaysia.

Vehicle Shipping to Malaysia

Car shipping to Malaysia is normally quite challenging. All autos, whether pre-pwned or new, are at the mercy of customs duties in Malaysia, and are also highly taxed. Please be aware that vehicles older than Several years are prohibited from shipment to Malaysia.

In order to ship a vehicle to Malaysia, you need an exclusive Import Permit. You should ensure to own this import permit granted before your motor vehicle is shipped to Malaysia. The required documents for vehicle shipping to Malaysia include the following:

 Original ownership certificate
 Customs Form No. 1 (want to have eight copies)
 Insurance plan
 Original and replica of passport of auto owner
 Letter from vehicle owner stating need to import vehicle to Malaysia
 Vehicle Invoice, if auto is completely

Moving Overseas and Bringing a Pet to Malaysia

Should you be moving overseas and they are considering bringing a cat to Malaysia, you are eligible to bring your pet dog or cat or bird to Malaysia as long as you have the proper documentation and stick to the required protocol.

In order to bring a cat to Malaysia, you need to get an Import Permit ahead of your animal's arrival in the united states. You'll have to have a health certificate for your pet, issued within a week of flight, which clearly claims that your animal comes from a rabies free area.

All pets entering Malaysia must also have a vaccination certificate which shows proof that vaccination was administered between 30 and 180 days ahead of arrival.

It's also advisable to take note of the breed, age, color, your dog's name, your contact details, and flight details. Once arriving in Malaysia, your furry friend will undergo a quarantine period first month. You must notify the kennel/quarantine space at the very least 1 week in advance of your arrival so that you know there's space. After a couple weeks of a successful quarantine period, your canine friend may be in a position to spend the other quarantine at your house.

Ship to Malaysia

It is a lot to consider when you plan an overseas turn to Malaysia or some other destination worldwide. An expert international shipping company can help you navigate each of the country specific foibles, paperwork, and logistics.


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